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landmark Aviation had three vintage aircraft on their tarmac today. A B25 Mitchell, a B-24J Liberator, and a B17 flying Fortress. I only had time after work to take pictures of one, so I chose the B-24J. I only got one wide shot of the cockpit before they kicked me out. These are working planes that give rides for about $400. they were about to take off with a load of tourists, and I had the wrong ticket (400 bucks!?)

Just touching the rivets and standing at the waist guns was cool enough 🙂

One Response to “B-24J”

  1. Nicola Says:

    We had friends around today – he was telling me he bought soem prints at a car boot sale at the weekend. The one he has hung on the wall I think is the *witchcraft” one ……. I shall check ……. coincidence ?

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