Lucky Shots

This Febuary morning had me out trying to get a close up picture of these two thistle things. I’ve been trying to get this shot since I first picked up a camera. Somehow, the spikes, or the fuzz defeated me time and again. After a dozen attempts, I was leaning on my tripod, when I heard that distinctive honking. It sounded like they were going to pass right over my head, so I looked up. The camera was loose in the ball head of my tripod, so I swiveled it up at the same time. Just as I looked in the viewfinder, The V passed between the stalks. I snapped one shot before they were gone. I don’t remember the autofocus running out to infinity, but it’s what makes the shot for me.

BTW, this is the shot I was going for. I cheated a bit on this shot. 😉 I used a blue sign behind the thistle thing to simulate a sunny day… It was gray as a business suit that day.

One Response to “Lucky Shots”

  1. JV Says:

    Great ‘lucky shot’. I did not believe at first. So I watched in full size, but you really got lucky 🙂

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