Who watches Who?


I’ve been going to see this red tailed hawk for almost 5 years now. She lives in the cage closest to the entrance. I get to take pictures of her twice, once on the way in, and once on the way out. Despite the kids banging on her cage, the adults gawking at her, the cold of winter, or the heat of summer, she maintains a dignified stature. I’m always eager to see my favorite Raptor.

5 Responses to “Who watches Who?”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    Hawks are beautiful but they do look rather haughty.

  2. Veracity Says:

    Hawks seem so focussed, so sure of what they after. I find that interesting about them.

  3. Manuel Says:

    She’s great looking. She does have that, “What the hell do you want look,” though…

  4. Nicola Says:

    What a wonderful sentry !

  5. Red hair Says:

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