There’s no certainty in finding her.

There’s no Reward for seeking her.

The past seems to have wasted me.

The future lays out before me.


On and on he rode, Through the Valley he strode

Until, at once, he came upon his shadow

“Shadow!” said He “What do you see?”

“Visions of a new life for Thee”


No difference is made to me

I wait on the Time that is me

For the path that will lead to her

And a glimpse of light in her


There is certainty in knowing her

There is Reward in seeking her.

The old past falls away from me

The new future seems to tempt me



NO, I don’t see myself as a gallant knight… all the time 😉

One Response to “Eldorado”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I definitely see myself in the first stanza…
    And Poe rocks. 🙂

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