Half of me HOWLS for what I have Lost. Half of me WEEPS for what I have Gained.

Put away your Trinkets and BELIEFS. They won’t Save me.

I have seen Beyond the “TRUTH” you seek. It is the Dream that fills me Tonight.

Put away your Weapons and REVULSION. They cannot touch me NOW!

Your sense and logic hold no sway over me TONIGHT!

Wrestle the Stars, Follow the Moon, till Daylight drives me back.

Till then, cower in your safety. WEEP for what I have Lost.

My BLOOD is as good as yours. The taste of it in my mouth gives me STRENGTH!

HOWL in terror to know MY pain. BAY at the MOON to know my Power.

Who among you can follow me? EH?! Who among you could stand to have your entire being DISSOLVED into a new form!

The pain of it would make you WEEP! But I Run with the Stars. I was ready when it came for ME. Now, it gives me STRENGTH!

Hide from the NIGHT, if it gives you Courage. Daylight is no respite from Fear.

Your “LIGHT” has no POWER over me ANYMORE!

I will dwell in the DREAM, and Cherish the Night.


It’s the only metaphor that even comes close….



3 Responses to “The HOWLING”

  1. jackalope, parrotgrrl, et al Says:

    Release, evolve. You are growing in ways you don’t realize. Purpose will be fulfilled.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Okay. I like the picture of the thistle.

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