Holding Pattern


I’m waiting right now. Waiting to get my marbles back. I’ve been waiting for almost a week now. There are stories and ideas running through my mind, but none of them have really solidified yet. Did you know that sometimes they make marbles by growing them? Kind of like a candle or a crystal.

How I met my High School girlfriend…

A scene in the middle of my short story…

Cleaning up an historical research project on hemlock Lake, NY. …

A rant about Citibank selling their upstate NY branches to M&T…

The Snipe hunt i went on when I was 12, and the lasting repercussions of learning there’s no bird in the pillowcase.

Researching the “tangent” hits that blogs get. My blog is very popular with people trying to find out how to tie a Monkey’s Fist. go figure.

There are a few others that haven’t floated high enough to get regular attention, so I’m waiting for the waiting to start on those. Something about quantum mechanics is out there, but everyone’s eyes glaze over when I bring it up. Glaze over like marbles when they’re being made.

3 Responses to “Holding Pattern”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Sounds like your brain has been very busy. Good thing, cause mine is mush at the moment. Concentrating is harder right now than Algebra 2 was back in high school. Ugh! There’s always tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Brandice Says:

    That’s an amazing picture! Wow!

    Thanks for stopping by my humble abode. 🙂

  3. Nicola Says:

    Amazing picture ….

    Do your marbles roll around your mind? Mine do in mine!

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