Turning to Twitch


Twitch’s Fortress of Solitude

I got Twitch one week after my apartment complex started allowing us to keep cats. It took me about 2 months to name her. After trying out a dozen names, I settled on Esmeralda, Mel. One of the people I can’t say no to suggested it, and I went along. It didn’t seem to fit her personality, though.
The one thing that dominated the first two months of Twitch’s stay with me was absence. When I opened the pet carrier, she shot out of the room and hid. For 2 weeks I didn’t see that cat. The food kept disappearing, so i figured she was still in the apartment. Her hiding spot was buried under some boxes in my closet. Whenever I had to go into the closet, I’d get that angry cat sound.

Slowly, her view of me mellowed from Kraken to Godzilla to Cujo. I started to see quick glimpses of her. At the 1 month point, I had it where I could pet her if I didn’t move too fast or look right at her. bent over at an uncomfortable angle, I could only scratch her ears for a minute or two before some part of me would start protesting. One twitch in my leg, and the cat would fly off into the bedroom.

That’s what I muttered to myself while rubbing the twitch out of my leg. Twitchtwitchstupidcattwitch. And what do you know? One time, she came back for another scratch behind the ears.

Over the years, She’s mellowed out considerably. she’ll jump in my lap now. She will even stand up, nose to nose, with the dog. Things have changed quite a bit for Twitch over the last 10 years.

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3 Responses to “Turning to Twitch”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    I got four cats and they all have different personalities. Ranging from sweet to nervous to b*tchy.

  2. Nicola Says:

    All my cats have had their own distinctive characteristics and moods.

    Esnerelda looks formidable ………

  3. jackalope, parrotgrrl, et al Says:

    Super Twitch and his Fortress of Solitude…does Margot Kidder ever drop by?

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