Necessary Secrets

Do you have something that has never passed your lips?  Of course you do.  So do I.  It’s the unwritten, unspoken definition of “Personal”.  Somewhere in the labyrinth of our experiences, there are things that we’ll never talk about with anyone.

That’s not to say that necessary secrets stay secret forever.  I’ve shared one or two with people over the years.  Sometimes, revealing a layer of my self opens a gate somewhere, and that topic slowly loses its taboo.  Other times, that vital admission drives the pain deep.

Just now, I’ve thought of one.  It shames me even to think of it.

It’s not just bad things, though.  Ah, I’ve thought of another one.  HeHe, no way I’m writing that one down 🙂

When I began, I thought that there were perhaps one or two things that I needed to keep in my own space.  Now, it seems that there may be more than I thought… or would like to admit.  I’m an open person, so I have to assume that I have fewer necessary secrets than most people.  Still seems like I have too many.

2 Responses to “Necessary Secrets”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I see no reason to tell all, what’s the point?

  2. Nicola Says:

    We all have some things that are best kept to ourselves – some things are better left unsaid. Could be that you havent met the right person to share with.

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