It’s All In Your Head

Just taking my new keyboard out for a spin.  Not bad, so far.

Imagine that everything you know, everything you feel, everything you see, was an illusion.  It’s true if you look at it.  That’s a loaded sentence, because it implies that it’s not true if you don’t look at it.  Quantum mechanics works by believing that both sentences are true.  That tree falling in the woods really doesn’t make a sound unless someone hears it.

It’s not just theory, either.  This is actually one of those things that scientists have actually seen in the real world.  Check it out:

Welcome back, or not, I’m just typing to try out my keyboard… remember?

What does the double slit experiment mean day to day?  Not much.  We perceive reality at a much larger scale than what Gomez was talking about.  We pick something up, it feels real.  Now, here’s the rub.  When you turn your back on that plasma TV, it ceases to exist at the quantum level.  Essentially, Reality needs an audience, otherwise it’s just the dreams that stuff is made of.

It makes sense in a way.  Here’s an analogy.  When you turn your back, you can’t see the TV anymore.  You can still hear it, though.  For one of your senses, eyesight, the TV doesn’t exist anymore.  For your other “reality”, namely hearing, the TV is still right where it ought to be.  Both realities exist… the TV simultaneously exists, and doesn’t exist.  At our level of perception, we don’t even notice the paradox.  As we peer at smaller and smaller bits of matter, though, these small discrepancies balloon into monumental problems.

On what planet can an electron both exist and not exist?  Every atom in your body has transient electrons spinning around it.  Doesn’t even tingle. J

5 Responses to “It’s All In Your Head”

  1. jackalope, parrotgrrl, et al Says:

    I wonder if they’ll get the “Gomez” allusion! That was really a great little video. So clear. I think I may write a blog entry on the illusion of space too. I have lots to say! (as usual…)

  2. Night Panther » Blog Archive » Synchronicity Says:

    […] From the double slit experiment, we know that the act of observing an event, changes the event.  I observed the two things simultaneously, so they had meaning together.  I garnered the meaning of the event, even though the stoplight is undoubtedly clueless about the role it played in my enlightenment. […]

  3. fishing gone Says:

    As a final thought, here is a quote from Baba Dioum:
    ** ln the end, we will conserve only what we love.
    ** We love only what we understand.
    ** We will understand only what we are taught.

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