First Kiss

I’ve been thinking about my first kiss all day.  It’s like a song that gets stuck in my mind.  Then I started thinking about all my kisses.  Having a couple to work with, I started cataloging them just a little.  Not in a cynical way like High Fidelity.  I’ve kissed enough times that it’s not repetitive, but not enough that I can afford to forget any.

I kissed a girl in a closet once.  We were playing spin the bottle in my friend’s basement.  Kneeling in a circle, we took turns spinning a real glass coke bottle.  Turns came and went, and the bottle never seemed to be pointing exactly enough in my direction.  It’s a game of inches.  My turn came.  I spun the bottle so hard, it skittered into someone’s knee.  That someone muttered something about forfeiting my turn.  I got a lucky bounce off that someone so I was able to re spin before any judgment could be made.  My spin came to rest dead center on another guy.  D’OH!  Someone and I reached for the bottle at the same time.  I have strong hands, so he wasn’t coming away with my prize, if I had anything to say about it.  One more spin.  I was on the puberty version of the Price is Right Big Spin, and I had to get a dollar.  I glanced at someone, and took my spin.  That bumpy glass rattled around on the tile to the rhythm of my heart.  I held my breath as it finally came to rest.  I followed that slim neck up until I saw another slim neck.  I’d spun to the ringer.  She’d been invited because she was pretty and… well… she… everyonesaidthatshewasloose.  The rules of this game were that the two bottle spinners had to spend 5 minutes together in a dark closet.  I sat down on a high heel.  I scooted over to a work boot, and tried to figure out which way my roommate was facing.  We were inches apart.  I could smell her breath.  Pepperoni pizza.  Right then and there, it smelled like Eau de Peppe.  We sat there for 30 seconds or so.

“Well, do ya wanna kiss?”


I licked my lips and held her cheek in my hand.  Our lips met.  Uh, Oh.  I’m French kissing her, and she’s got her lips pursed.  GAH.  She stormed out of the closet, wiping her mouth and telling everyone I spit at her.

I kissed a woman in a parking lot once.  She’s the only woman who ever had a crush on me.  I had no idea it was coming.  I was working there for the summer, and about to go back to college.  She walked me out to my car that last day.  We hugged.  When I started to pull back, she grabbed the back of my neck with both hands and kissed me hard.  That was a good kiss.  I managed to mess that one up too.  That’s a confession for another night, though.

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