Now, be honest

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Beyond the obvious sexual harassment issues associated with the president giving Angela Merkel a squeeze, try to be honest with yourself and picture Clinton doing the same thing. I mean, really look at it, and tell me that it wouldn’t be a top story on every channel. Imagine Fox passing this up for other G8 coverage. The liberal media, with it’s endless vendetta against the neo-cons, is going to ignore two presidential screw ups in a week. It’s a perfect strategy. the neo-cons can simply say that the media is biased, and eventually we’ll believe it. Once we believe it and information is permanently tainted, they can say whatever they want.  they can also NOT say whatever they want.
Not sure if this is really harassment? Picture Bush squeezing the guy on the left after he’s done with Merkel.

One Response to “Now, be honest”

  1. Jenna Says:

    I think they take this stuff a little overboard sometimes. I personally like a little “harassment” from time to time. (Kidding…kind of). Hope your week has been well. Mine has been horribly busy : (


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