Fathom Five



Jackson Pollock has always been a peripheral artist to me.  Somehow, his work never caught my eye in an interesting way.  I came across one of his earlier paintings, Fathom Five, and decided to spend a minute looking at it.  It really is a remarkable image.  As the paint moves over the canvas, Pollock draws smaller and smaller details onto the large sweeps of his broom handle.  As I looked at it, I recognized the place he had painted.  When I go to sleep, and rub my eyes, the sparkle and darkness that I see on my closed eyelids is what’s depicted on the canvas.  I find myself searching the darkness of that moment, trying to recognize faces or shapes in the dim glow.  Like the negative to watching clouds, I can see all kinds of things just before sleep overtakes me.  It’s a daydream within a daydream, because it’s not the regular way I fall asleep.  Pollock captured that moment in living detail.

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