Arthur Shawcross

allnightorg wrote a post on her blog about Arthur Shawcross.  She asked me to write up something here to point to her post.  Arthur Shawcross is infamous here in Rochester.  He killed 11 women between 88 and 90.  He used to eat at a Dunkin Donuts here in town.  I didn’t realize until later that it was the same one that I used to go to occasionally.  It’s very strange for me to think about him sitting there at the counter while I might have been buying a coffee.  I may have casually looked at him one day, like I might look at anyone else.  It reinforces the idea that we’re all hidden from each other inside our minds.  Whatever made Shawcross into a monster can’t reach me, but there it was, all the same, right in front of me.

2 Responses to “Arthur Shawcross”

  1. janice Says:

    i met this man four times , in person. each time, i had enough money in my pocket to support my then addiction to drugs. God was with me.i knew almost all of the women that he murdered. one was my roommate. she was reported missing while she was my roommate. i feel veery grateful to be alive.

  2. janice Says:

    heres another thought that comes to me. i always turned down his advances and the last time i talked to him, i told him that he looked like alfred hitchcock. his hands were huge!!!!!1 also to naver talk to me again. how weird is this??

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