Fishing Trip

Well, today has been a bit of a bust so far. I got up early to go fishing with a buddy. I forgot my camera (!). When I got down there, my friend was nowhere to be seen. I drove around the lake a bit looking for him, then headed back to the boat launch. No friend. Patrick McManus wrote a story about this very thing. I chuckled when I thought of it, and took the dog off the leash. She bounced around the shoreline for 15 minutes. I think she almost caught something. she was very inteested in the hollowed out roots of a tree. She didn’t find a skunk, so that’s a plus. While she was canoodling, I did some rock collecting. My friend shows up, and we start fishing. 20 minutes later, a DEC officer checks us for fishing licenses. DO’H. I’ve bought a fishing license from New York every year for 19 years… until 2006, that is. Didn’t even remember that I had no license until he asked for it. So, I lied to him… shuffled through my wallet for what I hoped was an appropriate time, and shrugged. He gave me a ticket, anyway. Pretty much the way yesterday ended. She said she didn’t want to go out 😦 I think I’m just going to hang out till tomorrow and sunnier skies.

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