Citizen Time

npanth’s Chrono

This ia a meme that Scottage sent to me.  What watch do you wear?
I wear a really old Citizen Chrono. I’ve had this watch for almost 15 years. It’s seen me through quite a few adventures, and sat on my nightstand through some really boring times. It is time to me. A touchstone for the requirements of society.

I bought an analog watch because I’ve had this thing… this inexplicable way of seeing patterns on digital clocks. It started in college.. 11:11. Eventually, it expanded to include anything from 1:11 to 12:12. I’m not normally superstitious, but this thing definitely has the feel of something… else. I’ve come to the idea that these times represent change, transition. It doesn’t have to be life changing. 5:55 could just be a transition between me sitting on my butt watching TV and driving to dinner. I used to try buying lottery tickets at the right time, but that’s not how it works. It’s not something that I can control… it comes to me. I can watch a clock and make it happen, but that doesn’t count. It’s when I’m walking out the door and glance at the cable box that’s so fascinating to me. having it happen right on my wrist was a little too close for comfort, though 😉

2 Responses to “Citizen Time”

  1. MsDemmie Says:

    Just dropping by to repay the visit and comment. That is one helluva watch …….. this wordpress looks very smart indeed.

  2. scottage Says:

    Neat looking watch, and very cool philosophy on it. Gotta love it!

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