A Bit of Your Time

Dog stars in new Reality Show


I just realized something. It hit me as Whose Line is it Anyway? came on. I realized that the show was starting on time. For most of May, all the shows I watch started 3-4 minutes late. All right, don’t think that I’m some conspiracy nut. I’m thinking more along the lines of good old fashioned competition. TBS used to do it. They started all their prime time shows at :05, so by the time you got to the end of your favorite show, you were already 5 minutes late for the other channel… might as well watch what’s next on TBS. I don’t think it worked very well, because they dropped it after a few years.

May is sweeps month, of course. Maybe it’s worth something to a network producer to pull out an old trick to keep a couple viewers during those all important weeks. The only reason I noticed was because I DVR everything I watch. It’s annoying when I have to fast forward 3 minutes into every recording… and then lose the last couple minutes! Kirk makes fun of Spock.

I’m not judging the TV stations. I’m happy with myself for noticing a subtle change in the world around me. Even if I’m just cooking up a conspiracy to justify my little theory. 🙂

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