Strawberry Harvest



The first big batch of strawberries came in today… well, it came in a couple days ago, but I didn’t get to picking until today. I ignored the really squishy ones. I could hear the chipmunks muttering to themselves under the plants. A couple bunches of strawberries had been dragged down holes. I didn’t feel anything tugging back when I picked them, but the chatter increased every time. I stopped when the berries weren’t staying in the bowl anymore, and I’d only picked about 2/3 of the patch. Oh, I had a stowaway in the bowl when I got back inside. It stayed still long enough for me to take a couple quick shots.

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One Response to “Strawberry Harvest”

  1. Cat Says:

    Those look so good. I have to buy mine at the grocery store and they don’t look half as good as those.

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