Advanced Micro Devices

All right, I'm calling this one now, before it gets away. I don't think it's time to buy it just yet, but a couple more weeks should see them into a good position. Tech stocks are a tricky area. I'm not 100 percent on this one, but AMD has been putting it to Intel lately. They own the performance race right now, and they're getting ready to drop prices when Intel comes out with their new processor in July. They look to be in a good, competitive position going into the second half of '06.  It's not a sure thing, Intel isn't going to give up the Processor market lying down.  Intel may wind up being the better bet.  It depends on what happens in July.  That's when all the price cuts and reorganized processor lines come out.  Either way, processor stocks should reach a bottom pretty soon.  There's just too much action poised from the sector, and those stocks have been falling for months.

Yahoo graph and news
AMD Homepage

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