Writers Block

I have a bit of writers block right now… I have subjects, but little interest in writing about them. The reason may be familiar, it happens to almost everything on the planet during spring. I’m lovesick and frustrated. It’s not your fault, but I’ll take it out on you. I lean a little closer, talk a little softer. BAH, I disgust myself, gawking all the time. How else is it supposed to work? I can’t walk around feigning disinterest. I’ll just get ignored. Too close, and it’s not flirting anymore. And the rules are different for everyone I meet.

This one likes jokes, that one’s all business. This one looks nervous all the time. That one gets too close to me. This one’s too neat, that one’s too messy. This one's too loud, that one's too quiet.

I’m not being picky; they probably say the same things about me after I’m gone. I’ve asked the matchmakers for help from time to time, but they’re usually as stumped as I am. So, I’m left to stumble around in the dark hoping I don’t poke someone’s eye out.

2 Responses to “Writers Block”

  1. Some Girl Says:

    Well, you aren’t alone in feeling the way you’ve been feeling. I can vouch for that!

  2. scottage Says:

    In many ways, we are all just looking for someone who’s the right fit. I always think the key is giving people a chance, because you get to know someone, and sometimes the things that are most annoying at first become the things that are most endearing in the end. I can’t say why, you just grow to like those aspects. And who knows, the things you look for now may be a result of what we liked in someone before, as opposed to what we really are looking for as well. At least that’s the way I see it. Remember that while the journey can be depressing as hell, it is also what makes the destination so worthwhile.

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