Short Story Idea 3

So, now I have viro-bots and the general story idea. Now, I need to figure out who my scientist is. So far:

-I think he has a background in medicine, but more on the research side
-PHD in… not something made-up or “futurey”. Maybe Molecular Biology?
-He’s a bit of an under achiever, brilliant, but unfocused.
-He broke his arm as a child, which inspired him to become a doctor. Before completing his degree, he turned to research.
-Married? Single? He’s a loner, immersed in his research, obsessed with the minutia of his theories. It doesn’t matter if he’s married, he would ignore them anyway, single or divorced, then.

The diary would be in the form of a video or audio commentary… the written story would have to be a transcript of that commentary. The voice should be conversational. Informal language, but not colloquial.
He’s a technical guy. He thinks in terms of ratios, correlation and causation. He’s writing a fractal operating system delivered by cell sized messengers. He has a meticulous, but chaotic personality. He may be subject to mood swings. He’s a patient person, who always wants to discover the source of a problem. That is the trait that will keep him investigating until it’s too late to change the outcome.

He has to be infected with virobots, but unaware of what the consequences will be. It’s important that he realize what’s happening slowly over the course of the story. The trigger for the accident will be an interaction between his old broken arm and something he’s working on. An unanticipated interaction. Two harmless ingredients combine to form something new, different. It’s a good mechanism for flashbacks and technical explanations.

I still need to come up with a purpose for the virobots. The scientist (leave him unnamed?) has to have a plausible reason for either injecting himself, or…… I don’t know, slipping in a puddle of the stuff. Think about this later.

One Response to “Short Story Idea 3”

  1. Lynn Marquart Says:

    Hey, James!

    I finally sat down to read this and give it some more thought. Two things immediately jumped out at me: have you updated this since you initally showed me? I see some of the stuff we discussed in there I think! The other point for consideration is giving your character a name and/or a love interest. We want this man to be somewhat human. Or don’t we? And of course by we, I mean you!

    While his human relationships may be dysfunctional, sticky at best, it may be more believable if he has people in his life, even if he neglects them sorely. A name will give him a deeper personal quality, too. If this were in print, I’d be hooked by the storyline and my main character. I would want to feel something for my character. Do I hate him? Love him? Feel sorry for him?

    Those are my current thoughts! Take care, Lynn

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