More Short Story Ideas

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Short Story Notes

I have a scientist that through accident or intention, injects himself with a nano technology that he has been developing.

I’ve been thinking about the nature of this nano technology. What will the nature of nano technology be? I think it will take the form of a viral carrier with a stem cell payload. The bots would “infect” the host. Instead of creating symptoms like a normal virus, this one is programmed to replicate itself, and manufacture new building blocks for the nano bots. (I need a new name for them, pretty sure people will confuse nanobots with other stories) The stem cells are tailor made to combat a specific problem. The virus controls the growth and development of the new cells. They could even gather together in a tumor-like structure to make manufacturing more efficient. This “tumor” can provide hormones or drugs to treat a specific disease. In the case of a broken bone, the virus would direct the manufacturing cells towards the area, then begin building lattices of progressively stronger materials. This would first pull the bones together, then knit them up. Supposedly, the technology would come with some kind of sunset, disbanding the whole operation when some criteria are met.

The nature of this story isn’t so much the benefits of viral medicine. This would be an established branch of medicine in the time of the story. What our scientist is experimenting with is applying cooperative, goal seeking qualities to the nanobots. Instead of following a simple viral program, he is trying to apply artificial intelligence to the collective mass of viro-bots(?!) Perhaps he could be experimenting with some kind of fractal OS system. Where the program (intelligence) progresses in complexity as the density of viro-bots increases. Each bot brings a representative piece of information to the whole. Combining that information with other existing bots adds another level of complexity to the entire program. Now, I need to think about this scientist guy for a while.

Still no name for this thing, driving me nuts “short story” “short story” 😦

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