Life in Solitary

I’ve been thinking about cognition all day. How does something as big as the human mind fit into such a compact physical form? We really do seem to be squashed into a tiny cell sometimes. Our minds encompass so much more than we can describe through language or physicality. So, I’ve come to this idea that we’re all in some kind of prison. Take Godel, Escher, Bach, String Theory, Escape from NY, Hindu Mysticism; mix well, and there you go… Our true form is some kind of energy, or spirit, or WHATEVER… doesn’t matter… What matters is that we’re stuck here, in these inarticulate bodies, grunting at each other across the cellblock. We can’t even rattle the cage to get a guard’s attention… unless you believe in ESP or transference. How do I explain the rest of this little theory to you? It’s not so easy to put into words. Kurt Russell reads the Bhagavad Ghita upside down in a time machine? Sounds crazy when I write it down, but it’s all in my mind, anyway 😉

That’s the point, I suppose. We can never express our true natures because of the limitations of language, science, art, and all the other contrivances we invent to express our true natures. The circumstance that made me think of all these things at once is a solitary experience, indescribable to an outsider, like you 🙂

One Response to “Life in Solitary”

  1. Me [sic] Says:

    Well if you take a determinist interpretation, as I do, our consciousness is entirely in physical form. As evidence I cite the fact that mere medicines (which no one would argue are no more than molecules) can have such a drastic effect on our thoughts, consciousness, and what we would consider our “soul.” Because these can be influenced and affected by medicine, it is true, then, that our consciousness must be physical, too.

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