Short Story Idea

I’m thinking about a subject for a short story. I would like to tell it in the first person, assuming the identity of a fictional scientist. He develops a nano technology that promises to heal wounds, increase life spans, etc. At some point, either purposefully or accidentally, he is exposed to the “nanobots” At first, he experiences all of the benefits of this new technology. As time passes, he begins to understand that the development of this technology within him will eventually supplant his own mind.

The story is written in the form of a diary, like Flowers for Algernon, but with no arc. The character describes the complete failure of independent cognition. At the end of the story, the diary is being written by the new artificial intelligence which now animates our fictional scientist. I still can’t think of a name for the story… Symbols from Daniel Keyes’ story keep floating through my head. Maybe I should be reading something more technical.

One Response to “Short Story Idea”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    That sounds like a really good idea. Sort of an update on the Frankenstein take on Science and the ethical implications of.

    (I still think Frankenstein is a pretty good read and important even today.)

    Thanks for stopping by!

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