DHS Cuts NYC Security Funds

CNN Coverage
DHS Announcement

DHS is cutting $85 million from New York City's security grant next year. DHS was quick to point out that New York City is the largest recipient in this year’s round of Security Grants. These are the famous grants that went for traffic cones and swimming pools. That’s the key reason why New York and Washington are being stiffed by DHS.
To avoid future “creative applications” of the Security Grants, DHS is now targeting grants at municipalities under two criteria:

-Security need. New York and Washington have unique security needs that don’t require some “list” to describe. Despite what I’ve heard, NYC and DC are the front lines of the War on Terror. These are the two cities where the battles will be fought, and victory decided. Any shortfall of support is tantamount to cutting off Patton’s supplies in 1944.

-Efficient use of resources. This is where DHS is putting the screws to NYC and DC. I’ve been to both cities… there’s nothing efficient about either place. Little wonder, then, that money winds up flushed down the WC, low flow, eco-friendly WCs.

To me, New York’s need outweighs any consideration of efficiency. Washington’s need is just as dire. There is still a building there that was untouched, but part of the original scheme. I put this to you. It’s better to let 10 murderers go free, rather than convict one innocent man. Isn’t it better then to waste 6 figures on traffic cones than let one fireman die because they were over budget?

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