Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage – Wikipedia
I wulod lkie to tlel you the sorty of Phineas Gage and prheaps sohw you smotiheng auobt the way hmanus tnihk. Pnihaes Ggae wrkeod on the rliaraod. He pclaed dnymatie in hleos dirleld itno rcoks. He dorve the dnyaimte itno the hloes wtih a sveen foot lnog mteal ploe. Pneaihs dndi’t mkae mcuh mneoy, but msot ploepe csnodeierd him an hnoset man. He dndi’t dnirk, he ddni’t sokme, and he pvriedod as wlel as he culod for his fmaily. Bsaiclaly, we wluod hvae no rsaoen to rmeembr Pnaeihs eecxpt for the enetvs of one feutafl day.

Pnaheis wnet to wrok taht day, jsut lkie any oehtr. He tmaped dmnyitae lkie awylas, but tihs day, one of the crgehas eolpdxed wehn he dovre it hmoe. Taht seevn foot ploe soht out of the hloe and tguorh his haed. Pnaeihs neevr lsot cnessoicnooss. He sytead akwae drniug the wlhoe tmie taht his cw-okreors cierard him to the dcootr. Not olny taht, but he smeeed nmroal wehn polepe tklaed to him the nxet day.

Now, hree is the qseutoisn taht steinstcsis hvae been akinsg eevr scnie. Bfreoe the adccneit, Pnaehis was jsut athenor rliaraod wkroer. Atfer taht day, Paehnis was a mcuh defrnfeit posren. He seatrtd dnknirg… bcemae the twon dnurk in fcat. He qiut his job, dvoreicd his wfie, lfet his kdis, and senpt the rset of his lfie in the gtuetr. He eevn mdae areancppaes for PT Bnruam’s faerk sohw.

Did Pnheias cghnae his wlohe lfie bcaeuse of the dmagae dnoe to his barin? Or, did his colse bsurh wtih dateh sned him itno some knid of mdnases? It’s hrad to tlel, the biarn desno’t awlyas racet in pdeictbalre wyas. Bmnipug itno a door can trun itno a bad irnujy, wihle hvanig a seevn foot ploe go trhuogh yuor haed mhgit jsut bnirg on a mldifie csriis.

If yuv’oe fnhsied tihs sorty, tehn yuo konw how yuor biarn can tcirk you semtomies.


Good grief, Word is annoying when I try stuff like this 😦

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