Relativity is based on the idea that your perspective determines your reality. Here’s what I mean. When you look at this background, it’s black. I’m sorry, I like the way it looks. If you had a red tailed hawk sitting on your shoulder, she wouldn’t see a black screen. She’d see a bunch of dots, big dots. To her, the screen looks like a bubblegum cartoon.

Now imagine you have a hamster on the other shoulder. Besides the obvious problems, that little fellow wouldn’t even see details on the screen, just a dark blob. Now, we’ve imagined three realities for my blog. Relativity comes in by postulating that all three realities exist. Not too tough to swallow, eh? Here’s the chunky part. All three realities exist simultaneously, overlapping with each other, but being completely separate at the same time. Essentially, when I take your hand, we’re just pushing our realities together. When we release each other, we could spin to the ends of the Universe. It’s all possible, just depends on your prespective.

Relativity imagines the impossible because, somewhere in this Infinite Universe, it happens all the time.

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