Gambling with Principles

I have another analogy for the Uncertainty Principle.

Imagine yourself at a Roulette wheel. It’s spinning, and the marble has just been cast. Right now, the wheel is like an atom with an electron spinning around it. As the marble is cast, there are 38 different states that it can end up in. We can’t know where the Electron (marble) will be until we measure it (falls into a pocket). Once we’ve measured the marble, it is fixed in that state, or known, until we measure it again.

Now here's the part where it all goes off the tracks. While the marble is in motion, until we collapse the wave, and measure the marble, all 38 states both exist, and do not exist. The marble is both in all the slots, and in none of the slots, at the same time.

That bit of wisdom cost me about $200.

Still want to hear about my Super Secret Sure Fire Roulette system? 🙂

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