Who Catches Who?

Amber is my dog. I like to say “She’s half blind, she has bad hips. At least she’s still good in the middle.” I tell you, it’s hard for a new dog owner to hang onto a blind, lame, incontinent dog. The cat just about clung to the ceiling every time that collar jingled, too. Her name is Twitch after all.

A sweet personality really goes a long way, and Amber’s been here for almost a year now. In this entire world, there’s one creature that thinks I’m the greatest. The excitement never gets old; she never gets bored seeing me. The cat has found a new writ of courage, too. I reached out to that darn cat for almost nine years. After building ramps and catering meals, I had almost given up. The dog sparked something, though. I have a lap cat all of a sudden. She actually bugs me for attention, now.

So, both my pets are doing great. And my new designer carpet? Turns out that spotted rag covers up hard wood floors. Who knew?


PS in case you’re curious, the cat is “Wuddle Puddy” and the dog is “Fuzzy Bunny!”

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One Response to “Who Catches Who?”

  1. Some girl Says:

    Ohh!! So CUTE!!!

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