You to Me

Ever get the feeling that if anyone took notice of you, they’d find something completely surprising? That we’re all fascinating people. We all make our own deal with the Universe. We all play out a stream of consciousness that’s unique, if not always in perfect harmony with those around us. There has to be some sympathetic vibration out there. I’m not a discordant tone, an angry note. I hum to the same tunes you do. So, why do I hardly ever hear the music?

4 Responses to “You to Me”

  1. shirley buxton Says:

    Interesting post. Why don’t you hear the music, though you still hum? I don’t know, but you might consider humming more softly and listening for other’s music. Each person, as you have noted, likes to be appreciated. Reach out to those around you.

    I wish you every blessing.


  2. Cheryl Says:

    Interesting post. I find that I at times hear the music…woo hoo…it’s the times that I don’t that I wonder where everyone else is. As said before maybe I need to reach out more during those times.

  3. npanth Says:

    I was wondering about the threshold between infatuation and love. How organized does the tune have to be before you know you’re in love? I agree, WOO HOO! 😉

  4. jsgirlfriend Says:

    That really is a very nice post. I completely agree; anyone can be intetesting, some people have just never been given the chance to tell their story. Except my manager, possibly.

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