Stephen Colbert

I'm a fan of the Colbert Report. I like that kind of political humor. Stephen Colbert has gotten alot of press lately. He roasted the president. He parodies right wing talking heads, and gets biting at times. The "unofficial" fansite is run by Comedy Central, and has no working contact information. So, to assuage myself, I'll post my little advertising upgrade here. They have an ad for CDW on the site, but I don't really like the byline. Check out their's here. Don't you think this would work better?

My good friend Stephen called me on his private line the other night to ask a favor. Now, I can’t deny Stephen anything since the war, when he saved my life. Stephen’s printer stopped printing the TRUTH! It had obviously been tampered with. He was forced to dispose of it by returning it to its evil masters, the ACLU. To save on the postage, he threw it out his car while driving past their offices. He needed me to procure a replacement. One that wouldn’t let him down. Now, who would I turn to but CDW? They understand Quality and Service.

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