The Disaster Ploy

The Disaster Ploy
I find it ironic that the conservatives are fighting the mid term elections with the disaster defense. I’ve heard so many of them tell the camera that a Democratic majority in Congress will lead to nothing but endless investigations. All that investigating will leave little time for governing. The government will come to a standstill while everyone responds to the endless subpoenas.
The Disaster ploy is ironic because this Congress HAS been a disaster. We have to go back to the Johnson administration to find a Congress that has spent less time governing. They lobby, they make deals, but they don’t govern. With so little on the record, it’s very hard to find out exactly what has been going on in the last couple years. It will take some investigating to find out what’s wrong, and what needs to be fixed. Besides, when there’s so much corruption smoke out there, there have to be some fires that need to be put out. Yes, Democrats have the same corruption problem. Re-electing the same conservative majority won’t go one inch towards fixing anything, though. So, I’m voting for the crusaders this fall. In 2006, that’s the Democrats.
No matter where the House goes, no matter where the Senate and presidency go in ’08, I find it intolerable that the Neo-Cons have had a decade to mess up our country. How many more mistakes do they have to make before we vote them back into the mega-churches and Dubai Condos?

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