Eric Massa 2006

Eric Massa 2006
The Fighting Dems
I live in a Republican bastion inside one of the most liberal states in the union. I tell you, it’s tough sometimes. Just about everyone who represents this lib… is a conservative. I didn’t realize this when I moved here. I emailed Louise to let her know where I was hanging my hat. She wrote back saying that she wasn’t my rep?! Randy Kuhl is my rep?! He’s a neo-con… A lock-step conservative in the Bushiest sense.
So, I’ve been forwarding my emails to my new rep with little success. I don’t feel connected with Mr. Kuhl like I did with Louise. It might help if he ever replied to any email of mine… even the positive ones. So, what’s a voter to do? Dump this rotten tomato, and pick a new candidate. Man, I’m the luckiest liberal in the state. Eric Massa is a Democratic candidate for Congress in my district. He’s one of the Fighting Dems. 73 vets who have chosen to run as Democratic candidates all across the country. Vets from every living war are standing up for the principles of compassion and fair governance.
Running against entrenched Republican incumbents isn’t easy in our gerrymandered system. These guys seem to have the will to see it through. Eric strikes me as an intelligent, angry man. I share many of his views. We’re both very upset by what we see happening in Washington, but see the sense of fixing those problems with intelligent measures. By the map above, you might see what kind of hill Eric has to climb to be elected in this district. The 29th district was established as a conservative district, relatively safe from intrusion from Democrats. Until 2006, that is. Randy Kuhl has some Abramoff wafting about his wallet. Even if there’s no fire with that smoke, Kuhl doesn’t represent my beliefs in Washington, Eric Massa does.

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