Retooling FEMA

There’s a new proposal floating around in congress. More than a few people are saying it. FEMA should be disbanded, and replaced by a new agency. That new agency would be structured differently than the current agency, but would have much the same responsibilities. The idea of founding a new agency to deal with the same emergencies poses some fundamental questions. What is the role of government in our lives? I’ve heard arguments between different ideologies, but I think there are some things that most… enough… people can agree on.

Agencies like FEMA are essential for our country. There are certain basic needs that have to be met for our citizens. Those needs are provided by government. We formed this government to provide us with services that we couldn’t provide for ourselves. FEMA had all those things… trailers, helicopters, workers, boats, money. It didn’t do a bit of good for the folks in the Gulf Coast. The problem isn’t the organization; it’s the people running that organization. Changing the name, creating a new agency; all these things are cosmetic. The same people will be nominating the leaders of the new agency.

We’ve been asking for this, by the way. For 12 years, we’ve supported Republicans in enacting their agenda. Rush has been shouting it on the radio for a decade. “Rely on yourselves people!” “America is the nation of self-sufficiency and rugged individualism!” Go ahead and complain about the lack of response from our government during these emergencies. It stunk. Remember that anger when it comes time to flip the lever. This issue, by itself, should be enough to switch a vote. Yeah, Liberals like government. We like FEMA. We like it when government helps people in trouble. I’m happy when my government does good deeds.

One Response to “Retooling FEMA”

  1. Scottage Says:

    Great post, James…I can’t help but worry about the idea of retooling FEMA now, right at the beginning of Hurricane season. I think you’re right on target that they simply need better leadership, someone who’s willing ot stand up for people adn their needs.

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