Alternative Energy

What are we to do now that energy costs are going through the roof? What if we’re too lazy or poor to do anything heroic? I lack the Green (backs) and Grey (matter) to put up a full blown solar array.
Well, there are a couple things you can get at the supermarket or home improvement store that can get you that environmental badge. Might help with the gas-guzzler guilt.
Light bulbs… Live in the dark. You parents kept telling you to turn out the lights… now you don’t have to! Compact Fluorescents aren’t the dim little fireflies they used to be. 15-25 watts worth of CF light covers you as well as that Halogen, but at 10% of the power.
Pass on the Gas. Most every car is designed to run on the 87 octane gasoline. There are some exceptions, but unless you’re tooling around in a Jag, you can drop down to the 87 without any problems. Most of the knock in tuned engines comes from additives put in the gas to reduce emissions. Nothing you can do about that. I’m guessing most people figured this out when gas hit $2.50 per gallon.
Hot air. Keep your tires inflated. This one’s tough for the lazy environmentalist. Getting out to pump gas doesn’t seem nearly as involved as going all the way over to the pump, PAYING?! for air. Well, here’s your answer. Get a portable compressor. Don’t laugh. I got one about 10 years ago, and it is super handy. Perfect for the knight in shining armor kit.
Home Depot Tire Inflator
Change your screens. Not just for drug addicts, anymore. I took a look at the filter in my furnace last fall. Looked like an anti-smoking poster. Finding a replacement wasn’t as easy as you might think, though. 3 days later, I finally found a nice lady at an HVAC company who was willing to order one for me. Point is, replacement screens for your furnace are important, and not necessarily easy to find. Might be a good summer project. Hey, if it keeps you from getting one cold next year, money well spent. Oh, it lets your furnace breathe easier, so you save some money as well.
Look for “Brick in the Toilet” and other fun tricks when the water crisis hits in a couple years.

One Response to “Alternative Energy”

  1. Scottage Says:

    Funny, I just changed my screens!

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