The Emperor’s Clothes

CNN Coverage

I find it funny that CNN is treating Stephen Colbert’s roast of the president as some kind of rude expose. Since when is it taboo to tell a politician exactly what you think? Does the formal attire somehow change the rules? George Bush has no shortage of opportunities to hang out with his buddies. No ranting liberals there. He can play at the colonial land baron all he wants.
I was listening to the crowd as Stephen spoke. There were just as many gasps as laughs. I’m looking forward to the Fox spin on this. “How dare he take a jovial, informal event, and politicize it.” “This has never been done in the history of this event.”
Don’t try to tell me that the good old days had some kind of demeanor that’s lacking today. Back in colonial days, they tar and feathered politicians they didn’t like. It’s a cliché now, but it’s pretty gruesome. They dragged the poor victim out into the street and stripped him naked. A bucket of hot tar or molasses was poured over his head. After that had scalded him for a while, they rolled him in whatever was handy. Horse manure was a real favorite. Makes the feathers stick better. Then you drive him down the main street whipping him. If George wants to play the colonial aristocrat, we, as the rabble, can surely accommodate him. Thankfully, we’ve advanced quite a bit since colonial times.
We drag our victim out into the blogosphere and pour scalding flames all over his inbox. Then we roll him around in a couple expletives. Lastly, we roast him at an official event.
Thank You Stephen Colbert.

2 Responses to “The Emperor’s Clothes”

  1. Scottage Says:

    Nice post! Did they really tar and feather them in the colonial times?

  2. npanth Says:

    you bet. Tar and Feather was just a phrase for getting a mob together, dragging your enemy out of his house, and beating him senseless. They used to do it to judges alot. Foxnews has been reading their history books, because they’re dragging a judge out every couple weeks nowadays.–>

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