Hey George Bush!

I saw you at the White House Correspondent’s dinner the other night. That was funny. The deeper it cuts, the funnier it is. Takes a tough guy to sit there and take that. You haven’t been too willing to take criticism over the past couple years. I’m glad you’re getting out there more, taking a couple knocks. Giving a couple knocks, too. Here’s to more “plo-fliber-ation” of talkback from the White House. I remember the criticism you took on the “war tour” a couple months ago, too. Proving that you can take criticism is good, but it’s only part of the job description for President. We’re criticizing you about Oil, Corruption, and many other things. It’s time for the next step, I think. You’ve proved that you can hear it, now we need you to listen.

One Response to “Hey George Bush!”

  1. Scottage Says:

    No doubt, Night…maybe one of these days he will listen up!

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