Flight 93

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“United 93” opens in theatres today. There’s another movie about the Twin Towers coming out this fall. Scottage asked me if I’d like to go tonight. No, thanks. I’m not against the movie. It doesn’t outrage or frighten me. I’m comfortable with the way I feel about 9/11. For now at least, I don’t need to spark discussion or provoke thought about 9/11.
I remember one thing more than any other about 9/11. After the second plane hit, I got into my truck and drove to 7-11. I sat in my parking spot and stared at the brick wall in front of me. The next thing I remember was pounding the steering wheel with all my strength. I was a little surprised that it wasn’t breaking. That’s what I wanted to do. I slumped down crying. That’s when a guy came up to me and said that everything would be ok. He was wrong, but it was a nice sentiment.
It’s a common human response. We represent events as single images. That’s the image that pops up for us when we remember an event. My disappointment that the steering wheel wasn’t crumbling under my assault broke the spell for me. So, I remember it. 9/11 evokes other images for me. After I work through some of those, I’ll go see the movie. For now, I’m comfortable with progressing at my own pace.

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