New, Improved! With more FEMA!

Alright, everything they said about creating a new emergency agency made sense. The new director should have direct access to the president when there’s a national emergency… FEMA should still be under the DHS. I’m not as keen on this one, but it’s not too bad. 10 regional offices responsible for regional disaster relief. I like this one… not as many trailers sitting around.
The first thing I thought was that they were just Firestoning the whole thing. Remember all the hub bub from a couple years ago? People driving their SUVs were crashing because they didn’t fill up their tires with enough pressure. Everyone blamed Firestone, with some merit. Lack of maintenance on the owner’s part doesn’t completely cover up a design and manufacturing flaw. Anyway, Bridgestone, parent of Firestone, just changed the brand name of most of their tires. Hey, it won’t explode if it says Dayton on the side, will it? It worked, now Firestone is starting to advertise again after a 5 year hiatus. Do you think 5 years was an arbitrary requiem to greed? Or a suitable time out of the spotlight? Ford still uses Goodyears last time I checked. I suppose Ford will quietly switch back… as Henry reportedly told his good buddy Harvey “I’ll take any tire as long as it’s round and cheap, and it doesn’t even have to be round.” If you’re familiar with the quote, yes, I misquoted it for dramatic effect.
So, what does this all have to do with FEMA being dissolved? How many ways are there to prepare for, and deal with, disasters? No matter what you call it, it will still be FEMA. NEMA (national Emergency Management Agency?) might be a good name. The responsibility will still be the same. After they’re done renaming the agency, I hope they pay some attention to where the rubber meets the road.

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