I’ve been thinking about plasma, and matter, and energy. SO, what does this equation mean to me? Everyone’s familiar with E=MC2 when it comes to big things like nuclear weapons. A small amount of matter turns into an enormous amount of energy.
The same thing applies to everyday life… it’s just not as obvious. Unlike Uranium or Plutonium, everyday objects want to stay in their current state. An apple is too stable to really make energy out of. If you could, though, there’s enough matter there to create a ton of energy.
Think of the light spectrum. Light at the upper end, reds, etc, are more energetic than the colors at the bottom of the spectrum, blues for instance. As you go lower in the spectrum, the waves become less and less energetic.
In Einstein’s equation, energy and matter are interchangeable. At one point, energy should coalesce into matter. E=MC2 represents the boiling point between matter and energy. Not only the explosive release of energy in a bomb, but also the slow transition from matter to energy and back again. Plasma, like you see in a plasma ball, is something between energy and matter. Plasma glows because the atoms in the ball are constantly losing, then gaining back, electrons. The glow is the energy released. Imagine seeing that out in the universe. What a marvelous thing to see! Sunlight streams from a star, then, coalesces into a dust cloud.

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