Your Momma, Usama transcript

Hey Bin Laden! What’s that drivel you’re spouting this time? You’re no better than Bush. He lies and distorts the truth to manipulate us. Sounds like what I just read from you. Don’t try to be reasonable with me; you’re not very good at it. Those “subtle” little cues about “the oppressor” don’t make me feel pity for you. That’s life. No one in the world can say they aren’t bound by larger forces. Yes, my government has done questionable things in the past and present. So have you. Don’t moralize with me, we’re both too dirty. Making threats won’t make us go away. You just don’t understand how America works. We would have gone along with something reasonable in 2000. Now, you’re just a butcher. Your days of pontificating to the American people are over. Now, every statement is a threat. You may attack us in the next couple months; you may even influence the outcome of the November elections. You still won’t win in the end. The reason is simple. The people you claim to represent are decent, just as we are here in the USA. Someday, we will reclaim the promise of our creation and cast off the burden that you and Bush represent. I look forward to that time. I don’t think, you will live to see it, but I wish fervently that you could. My wish is that you look out onto a peaceful world from a glass cage. Rot in your cave, Bin Laden.

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