My Senate Speech

Given the opportunity to speak before the Senate, what would you say? Say one of your state’s Senators ceded you 5 minutes of debate time to speak on any topic you like. Pretending that I was there, this is how I regaled the dog for 5 minutes.

The vision of our country’s creation is in stark defiance of all human history. As Washington wrote, and speaks to you every year, our nation is an experiment worth taking. As citizens, you and I share a common bond of Nation. Patriotism alone doesn’t describe this bond. We defend against the tyranny of history, and the greed of Man. Washington’s legacy is written in the very air we breathe in this chamber. The notion that free citizens can govern themselves to the benefit of all lies at the heart of our Republic. What benefit have you brought to that vision? How have you fulfilled Washington’s vision of a nation united North, South, Atlantic, and Western? What words would inspire you to see through a new grant of governance to us all? I have only a single voice, but I raise it here, before you all.
Desist from rhetoric, fulfill your charter, and represent your fellow citizens who depend on you for so much. Whether we avoid the fate of the ancient republics depends entirely on you. This trust in our future has been granted to you. Don’t screw it up.

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