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Mr. Feingold, Mrs. Slaughter:

I’m writing because you both represent my best hope for the Democratic Party. I just want to make a complaint to management. I’ve copied in the dnc.org web form.

I’m a liberal. I’ve been waiting a long time for the Democrats to do something, anything. When we hear about the opposition party in another country, England, perhaps, they are a vibrant and vocal group. They “Oppose” the majority party. They stand for the minority. One of the founding principles of the US is that the rights and voice of the minority party will be heard. Majority rules. That’s taken for granted in a Republic. When the other 50% of the people are snubbed at the policy table, though, it is the responsibility of the minority party to demand consideration.

When the Patriot Bill renewal was voted on in the senate, it passed 89-10. All of the democrats complained about the more onerous parts of the law, but then didn’t do anything about it! What is the point of talking about something when you refuse to act on your principals? Most of them grumbled all the way down the aisle to vote in favor of the darn thing. The same thing happens on issue after issue. The Republicans make fun of Democrats for not having any beliefs. They’re right!

At what point does compromise cross the line into collusion? What is the point of voting for a democrat who will simply vote the same way as the Republican? Is that Democrat’s angry words outside the Senate chamber enough for you? It isn’t for me. Russ Feingold is right… Censure, Environment, Budget, Homeland Security, Disaster Preparedness, Foreign Policy, Corruption, Gerrymandering, Corporate Influence, Judicial Intimidation, Trade imbalances, National debt, Fiscal Policy, TAKE YOUR PICK! Just do something. How many more issues do Democrats need to campaign on? How many more issues will fall to the conservatives because it isn’t the “Right Time”?

I write, I talk, I think, I VOTE. I fulfill my end of the bargain every day. What weakness in the Democrats makes them incapable of meeting their obligation?

James Heaney

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