Fire with the Frying Pan

CNN Coverage
ABC Coverage

Today brings us another instance of a questionable statement from the president. ABC broke the story. Basically, President Bush has been caught in… well, not lies, exactly. A mis-statement, perhaps? How many of them can you remember? Just in the past 12 months? I used to work with a guy who “stretched the truth” He looked at the world through anecdotal eyes. Once something was “true”, everything bent around him to conform to that notion.
I was driving with him for work. He kept hinting at a relationship with the lady who answered the phones. “We need to decide what to do with the fish tank when we move.” “We’re thinking about getting a dog.” Pretty obvious that he wanted me to think that he and the help desk lady did service calls after hours. So, I’m curious, because the Help desk lady had told me that she was engaged… not to droopy. She’s aghast when I ask her about it. She hounded me for a week after “Say you’re making it up!” Evidently, droopy wasn’t Help Desk Lady’s squeeze, but her own personal stalker. We, ah, set him straight the next day.
Bush seems like the same kind of person to me… not the stalker part, just the stretching part. I know as well as you that they wanted us to believe a bunch of things that haven’t turned out to be “true”

  • Iraq is a few months away from launching nuclear tipped missiles at Europe
  • Noone knew that the Levies would be overtopped
  • Putin is an honorable guy
  • Saddam Hussein helped the 9/11 terrorists.
  • Several others

It’s not that the administration is getting caught in bald faced lies every week. They’re getting caught in stupid little lies all the time. They’re lying about things that they know they’ll get caught on, but they don’t care. It’s more important to make the world look right than it is to BE right. Getting Droopy to drop the whole stalker thing took an intervention of Drug-like intensity. Who does the intervention if the President is addicted to stretching the truth?

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