Gospel of Judas

I just read the Gospel of Judas for the first time. Wow. It makes a case for one of the most reviled characters in history. Oh, yeah, get ready for the end of the world, too.
The name Judas evokes so many images for me. For you, too, I think. He represents fundamental iconography in our society. Now he says he didn’t do it.

Judas describes several conversations with Jesus about the creation and end of Humanity. There is a lot of dense talk about Aeons, angels, Realms and such. I’ll have to read that part again. Jesus describes a perfect generation, a fulfillment of Man. That’s when Saklos’ time of rule will come to an end, and the world will end with it. Like I said, I have to read it again.
Jesus asks Judas to turn him into the Romans. That’s the bombshell. Judas protests, but Jesus convinces him. Jesus tells Judas that future generations will revile him… until the time before the perfect generation, when Judas’ true role in Jesus’ death will be revealed.

The finding of this gospel is in itself a revelation of Judas’ true role in the crucifixion.

According to this gospel, we’re very close to the end times. This poses a real problem for the evangelicals. End times theology is an integral part of their faith. The gospel of Judas, though? That would be like letting Cindy Sheehan guest lecture at the mega church. So far, everyone I’ve asked, who cares, has rejected this testimony out of hand. I’m curious to see how they feel after reading it a couple times. I wonder how I’ll feel after reading it a couple times.
I can’t wait ‘til the Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on my door again.

2 Responses to “Gospel of Judas”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Here is a good bit of info. from a pastor friend on the summit email list. He explains what this really is.
    The recent “to do” about the Coptic “Gospel of Judas” announced and
    published by National Geographic this week (more of their anit-Christian,
    anti-Bible tactics) is designed to raise doubts about the credibility of
    the Bible (I can’t believe that its publication just as the “Da Vinci
    Code” book and movie hype reaches its crescendo is “coincidence”).

    If you are looking for some information on the group behind this
    Apocryphal “Gospel”–known to Ireneaus and others in the late 2nd/ 3rd
    centuries, I suggest Schaff’s Church History, vol. 2, pp. 490-1. This
    was a work used by and employed by a group called the “Cainites”–who
    made hero’s of all the evil men of Scripture–Cain, Koreh, Balaam, Judas–
    because they rebelled against the “evil god” of the OT and sought to
    overthrow his kingdom. (Today, these fringers would be poisoned kool-aid
    drinking whackos, waiting for the mother ship to come get them). But
    this is alleged to be “real Christianity.” Plausible only if you are
    completely ignorant of the NT–and most Americans, reporters especially,

    When this Gnostic book is actually available for reading, and compared
    with the NT, it will be exposed as the obvious unhistoric fraud that it
    is–but for the masses, who neither know the Bible, nor will ever read
    this bogus gnostic work, it is a media propagandist’s delight–an
    opportunity to discredit the Bible by innuendo and implication, to
    generate doubts and suspicions.

    To claim that Judas is the hero of the NT is equal to an “Aryan
    Brotherhood” claim that Hitler was the hero of WW II.
    Allow me to add to that, the historical reliability of the Gospel of Judas is incrediabliy weak! Only one copy?! The tomb it was found in has on speculative evidence for who it belonged to. It was written much later after the death of Judas and the New Testament. How can we trust this?

  2. goliah Says:

    Like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi discoveries, this latest ‘gospel’ increases the amount of new scriptural material only available this century, making the concept of ‘canonical scriptures’ untenable and any claims of understanding founded upon them both incomplete and even less credible.

    What might ‘Christianity’ look like if all these resources were available from the beginning? Check this link: http://www.energon.uklinux.net

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