Scooter with Square Wheels

When Scooter Libby said in court that President Bush authorized the release of Valerie Plame’s CIA identity, I was surprised. I thought it was Rove all the time. This fits a little crookedly, but I’ll run with it until more info comes out.

I don't think it matters which person in the inner circle leaked this. This group moves like a flock. As contentious as congress is, the Executive branch has been pretty organized. Sure, I think they’re making mistakes, but they’re jumping in all together. That kind of solidarity has been rare in recent administrations.

The Administration’s intention WAS to quell Wilson's article.
The Administration’s intention IS to get away with it.

They’re getting hit kind of hard by Scooter Libby’s testimony. If nothing else, it points that media spotlight on this thing. They tried to declassify Valerie Plame’s record. They’re locking the barn door after the horses have run away again. Declassifying the information after the fact isn't a time machine and doesn't make it right.

I remember Bush saying, in very strong terms, that anyone who knowingly leaked Plame’s identity would be fired. Where does this leave us? Even if it turns out to be all above board, Bush is still yanking our chain. It happens time after time. I’m tired of it, because nothing he says is above scrutiny. He stood up in a press conference and said that the insurgents were getting direct aid from Iran. The reporters naturally asked the general standing nearby what proof he had. He had never heard of it.

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