Hey Tom Delay! What’s with that thing you said last night about Cynthia Mckinney? Did I hear that right? If the House ethics committee doesn’t start an investigation of her, you’ll introduce the idea to them? WHAT?! Pots, Kettles, black…
You may have been high-fiving your staffers, but you’re not going to have nearly as many friends as you did a couple days ago. The closer the trial gets, the less you’ll have. I had a ball listening to your tin-plated threats yesterday. You were like the talk show Santa Claus. I saw you every hour on the hour. They didn’t sell the war as hard as you’re trying to sell yourself right now… Collar starting to feel a little tight?
So, you’re going to make sure that the house is operating under ethical guidelines for the next two months? Until you leave because you’ve been indicted in Texas?
By the way, that came from an interview you gave to Hannity and Colmes 04-05-06.

I couldn’t believe I heard right. In a political body like the house, your power is measured by the influence you wield. Tom’s talking like he just accepted the Majority Leader position again… not tucking his tail between his legs. That takes chutzpa. I’ll give him that. I can laugh at what he says because I know he’ll be in Duke Cunningham’s shoes in a couple years.
He can put the same spin out on TV over and over again.
He can cling to the evangelicals all he wants.
He can give the same Mega-Church speech 100 times.
For every day he’s offended our sense of justice, he’ll spend another playing chess with “Bubba”.

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