Jill Carroll

Wow, Fox News is starting to realize that they don’t like Jill Carroll.
The tenor of Fox’s coverage has been changing since Jill Carroll’s release. At first, they were just quizzical that she was wearing headwear. In Iraq. Being interviewed by an Islamic TV reporter. Receiving a Koran from the Ambassador. What should she wear? A NASCAR T-shirt?

Today, Fox is extending the metaphor. Sure, some of Jill’s statements are parroted propaganda. Fox is whitewashing everything Jill has to say, though. I can only assume that they’ve read some of her articles. Now, her “liberal” views are just part of the terrorist brain-washing campaign. John Gibson is already writing articles about it. He’s speculating about Stockholm syndrome and North Korea style brain washing. Come on John. She still has important things to say. She dedicated herself to the Iraqi People; telling their story. Don’t just dismiss it all as brain washing because she doesn’t agree with US policies in Iraq.

It loosely ties in with the message that Liberals love the terrorists. We’re characterized as weak. None of us can really evaluate terrorism or security policy because we’re “under their spell” to one degree or another.

When Jill Carroll eventually comes out with her book or does an interview, they have the perfect counter message queued up.
The Fox weekend miniskirts seemed aghast that Jill Carroll’s treatment could make her so un-American. Sounded like Pity with a dash of Disgust. I guess they practice on the bum outside their health club.

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