The beginning is Moot

This is a phrase I picked up in college. I had the second best computer in the fraternity. An Apple SE/30. With 5mb RAM, and COLOR monitor, through an add-on card and external monitor.That put me high on the list of guys doing all-nighters for programming classes. My room was a 10X10 single, so things were getting pretty cramped. I had to put in a loft for my bed so I wasn’t rolling over onto someone’s homework. Between homework groupies, I had a smattering other visitors who heard me while I slept.

Anyway, that’s about the time I realized that I must be an intolerable person to sleep with. Hard for me to tell, being asleep and all. I’m told that I snore like a train with square wheels. I mumble about crazy things, too. I haven’t sleep walked or yelled at anyone, but I get animated at times… so I’m told.

One night, Chris Kello was pulling an all-nighter coding some jack in the box… tapping away. He says I was pretty quiet most of the night, but at one point, I sat bolt upright, looked right at him and said “The Beginning is Moot!”. Then I snored away for while till he threw something at me. The next morning, he confronted me with the phrase. I professed ignorance, and I didn’t know what it meant until now. The phrase itself is the meaning.

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