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I stuff the dog like a turkey with those rawhide twists. Can’t help it, she loves them. Well, the cat loves cat treats, too. The minute I pull out a pack of them, though, The dog gives me the look. She’s thinking that the big guy isn’t doling out the treats. Whine, pout, raise the ears, lie on the ground, get up. Do a slow 360. Rinse, Repeat.

I know cat treats are bad for dogs… but I figure I can get away with it once. I’m not sure, but those two treats could have gone up her nose. They just vanished, so I think she snorted them. If my dog had thumbs, she’d be cutting lines of cat treats while I’m at work.

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  1. Scottage Says:

    Nice picture of Amber. Anyway, tag, you’re it. There are some questions on my web site for you to answer. Hope you don’t mind.

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