Not By Math Alone is an article by Justice O’connor about the apathy in our society today. Most people can’t articulate the rights granted to us under the Constitution. They don’t understand the weight of a document like the Declaration of Independence. They take an ant’s eye view of our country. Ants are an interesting analogy for our society. Not in the literal sense. Here’s what I mean.

We let the “queen ants” run everything, while we go about our daily lives. We gather food, improve the mound, and raise the young. We keep our minds as blank as possible, so we can get to the weekend that much faster. George Lucas’ first movie was about a society much like that. We haven’t reached that dystopia yet. The difference is that we are more complex “ants” and can change.

Why are you watching Survivor, when you could be reading the Bible?

Our government was founded as a secular religion. Our founding documents are its bible. These Truths are Self-Evident. …In order to form a more perfect union. I’m a believer. Perhaps because the beliefs that originated our country come from the Enlightenment, not the Iron Age. Even Jefferson makes more sense to me than most religions. The founding concepts of any great thought movement stand the test of time. Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You. Love Your Brothers (ed. and Sisters)

The trick is to not cling to the concepts that are just rooted in their time. Human rights as we know them today didn’t exist in either the Iron Age or the Enlightenment.
That’s why I believe in Secularianism, if you will. The Constitution is a malleable document. It’s the first holy text in history that can be revised. Heck, they encouraged us to revise it when we saw fit. The ants have never had it so good. Don’t screw it up by ignoring it.

Founding Documents

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